Kamon Studio

Tuyù Foods

Client :

A.C.R. s.r.l.s. - Tuyù Foods

Category :

Brand Identity | E-commerce | Website

Description :

Realization of brand identity and e-commerce site for Tuyù Foods, a wholesale food supply company. We worked closely with Tuyù Foods to develop a distinctive brand identity and an intuitive e-commerce site that reflects the essence and professionalism of the company.

Crafted a scalable IT strategy for Toyù Foods, selecting optimal technologies for robust e-commerce and mobile platforms, ensuring system security and efficiency.


Created a unique brand identity and intuitive, aesthetic interfaces for the website and app, enhancing user experience and brand consistency.

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Developed secure, high-performing e-commerce website and mobile app, integrating essential features like product listings, cart, and payment systems.


Launched and promoted Toyù Foods through SEO, content marketing, and targeted social media campaigns, focusing on building brand visibility and customer engagement.